Music Makes the Work Go Round

We listen to music while we are at the gym, on our morning commute, fixing our breakfast, doing household chores and even while we are taking a nap.

But when we’re brainstorming or meeting a deadline at work, for many people, music is the last thing we think about.

Although many think music is a distraction, the trick is to listen to what you actually like.

Top 40, EDM, classic rock, 80s retro, new country, Ibiza chill-out…. whatever works for you.

It’s pointless to listen to something you don’t like, which in the end, would stifle your productivity even more. It’s the reason why people would rather listen to their own personal music than the radio where one doesn’t have a choice of playlist.

The University of Windsor conducted a study in 2005 and found working to music actually enhanced productivity, especially when the end goal was to be creative. And another study at the University of North Carolina found pumping tracks into your ears can help people center their concentration. But only if it’s music they like.

It’s all about being “in the zone.”

Listening to your favourite tuneage makes you feel better, energizes you more and in the end, helps you get the work done.

If you still feel music is a distraction, do your work in silence for half an hour, then take a 15-minute break to slap on the headphones, put your tunes on blast, and reenergize your brain.

And over-the-ear headphones, please.

 You might think your sounds of thrash metal is the best thing invented since sliced bread. Your Vivaldi-loving office mate may tend to think otherwise.

Let’s keep our music to ourselves, shall we? And productively get on with the tasks of the day.

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