Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Acart

Our Agency Christmas card has proven to be quite a success. Rather than doing our usual holiday greeting, we wanted to show off our in-house video production abilities. So we gave Acart’s Copywriter/Videographer, Christopher Redmond, a pretty free hand.

We (the CDs) were very happy with what he came back with. He pitched us a script that was a parody of the Paranormal Activity horror franchise.

It was a stretch for us. Definitely not what people expected from Acart. But Al Albania trustingly gave us the green light, and we were off.

The little boy is my son, Jack. The spot was shot in one house in one afternoon and evening. It was written and directed by Christopher. Karl Roeder was our Director of Photography. Tim Coderre played the dad, Jack and Bridget Redmond (Christopher’s wife and a filmmaker in her own right) was the mom. The Director even had his Alfred Hitchcock moment in cameo as the evil Santa.

Once the video was soft launched last Friday, we got to work pitching it on adblogs. Ads of The World greenlit my submission on Sunday. The Inspiration Room and Creativity and Coloribus and Advertolog added it spontaneously. We tracked blogposts in French, Chinese, Spanish, German and Bulgarian. It’s also on Funny or Die.

As of this writing, we are sitting at 8,590 views — which is more than we’ve had for a self-promo before. And it’s really great timing since we just launched our new web site for the new year.

Have a great 2012.

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