Meet Tweed, Ottawa’s medical marijuana start-up

Acart is in the marijuana business now.

No, we haven’t decided to give up advertising to set up a barter tent at Burning Man. This is serious stuff.

Last June, the Government of Canada announced changes to medical marijuana laws. The new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations will allow professional growers licensed by Health Canada to produce “prescription” cannabis for people with a diagnosed need to use the drug to alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, seizures, nausea and loss of appetite.

Since Ottawa is the world’s #1 city for the creative economy, it should be no surprise that a local start-up is ready to lead the way in this new healthcare industry.

They call themselves “Tweed” (no relation to the town) and they came to us this summer with a need for branding and marketing launch materials.

It’s been weeks of top secret work, but with this week’s announcement that Tweed will be taking over the old Hershey chocolate plant in Smiths Falls, we can finally brag about this latest addition to our exciting Change Marketing client list.

Under cover of confidentiality, we designed the Tweed logo, messaging, and brand look and feel, then developed a site that’s e-commerce ready for when their license is approved. (Currently, it allows interested parties to pre-register as future clients.)

To obtain medical marijuana from Tweed, patients will need to be issued a ‘Medical Document’ (not technically a prescription) from their healthcare provider. They can then register with a licensed producer of medical marijuana by providing required personal information and the healthcare documentation.

In this new controlled medical marijuana regime, Tweed is positioned to become a major player. At full capacity, their facility will be capable of producing a reliable supply of high-quality medical marijuana to meet the demands of the Canadian market, with more than 20 strains for different symptoms.

We’re proud to be able to help Tweed bring comfort and relief to people who suffer from a variety of ailments — from arthritis and epilepsy to multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS.

It’s work that really matters.

You can read more about Canada’s new medical marijuana system here.


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