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Lights, Smartphone, Action: Marketing with Social Media Video

The future of social media is video. Facebook execs have said that by 2021, Facebook will be all video. Media like 360° video, disappearing video and live streams are more than a teen fad – they are storytellers. Let’s look at what makes these marketing tools so effective and best practices to optimize their performance.

 360° Video

While 360° is an obvious choice for travel agencies and tourism boards, your brand doesn’t need dramatic, scenic vistas to make a video that gets results. With 360° video, the user has a first-person view of the action from their smartphone or VR. They are in control choosing where to look and what to click. This lets the user create their own story and build their own connections with a brand.

A good story begins with a good storyboard. Conceptualize each scene in 360 degrees – layout views from front to back to side. Plan for things to happen at different points in time and space so the user can explore. You may want to create a ‘build your own adventure’ where things happen simultaneously at different angles, so the user must choose where to look and click.

Above all, engage your audience and you’ll get results. 360 degree videos are watched for longer, achieve higher click-through rates and are 42% more likely to be shared.

Disappearing Video

Why spend time and money on ephemeral content (Snapchat and Instagram Stories) if they disappear in 24 hours? While you may be hesitant, disappearing video is an opportunity to show another, more personal side of your brand. And with 250 million active users on Instagram and 166 million on Snapchat, Stories won’t be disappearing any time soon.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of development hours on Stories. In fact, the millennial user-base prefers genuine, unscripted content that seems like it could be from a friend. This is your chance to show an uncalculated side of the brand. The most engaging content includes:

  • Product demos and how-to’s
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Sneak peeks
  • Interviews
  • Event coverage

Along with video content, use Instagram and Snapchat’s geofilters for location or events to boost your brand’s visibility and engagement. Since your video goes poof in 24 hours, that creates a sense of urgency and a ‘don’t miss it’ attitude, perfect for events.

Finally, disappearing video is a great way to showcase company culture. Get your employees to use Stories as a hiring or PR tool.

Live Stream

Live streaming isn’t a new concept – the early days of TV were all live broadcasts. While you may think live video is risky because of the chance for error, it’s actually a great chance to be transparent with customers and make them part of the brand. The social media lead at Honest Company said, “People want to see the imperfect. They want to see the real”.

Does live streaming add value that you can’t get with regular video? Viewers watch live streams far longer than traditional video, which means more time engaging with your brand. A senior director at Adidas said, “the biggest value is time spent with content”. Live streaming on Facebook or Periscope is free, so the ROI is huge.

Facebook Live hosted by Amber Mac for Acart’s client Get Cyber Safe. 

Live Q&A sessions are a great way to start conversations, build trust with customers, and become an approachable authority in your category. Consider a prize to encourage your viewers to post their questions. Also, using social influencers or celebrity endorsements will make your live streams even more popular. Don’t forget to save the stream, so it can be watched later as a traditional video. Try out the following streaming options:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Announcements and releases
  • Behind-the-scenes: How it’s made specials or a “meet the team” segment
  • Product demos and support Q&A how to’s
  • Event coverage

YouTube Bumper Ads

Those six-second non-skippable ads at the start of YouTube videos, those are bumper ads. How can you possibly deliver your brand message in six seconds? You can do more and say more than you think. A recent study of 300 campaigns showed 90% of bumper ads drove significant increase in ad recall. Since they can’t be skipped, bumpers ensure your message is seen and heard, driving awareness.

The limited timeframe means you must get creative. All you need is one moment to captivate the audience. You don’t need to tell a whole story. The who, what and where should work together to create a theme or emotion that resonates with the audience. Make the viewer think and feel – six-seconds will leave them wanting more.

Keep it simple. Remember to keep in mind how people are watching, often without sound and on-the-go. Try these tactics to make the most of six-seconds:

  • Focus on one relatable emotion: Exaggerate a scenario we’ve all been through.
  • Create product demand: Highlight one key feature, and make people want it.
  • Make a series: Viewers have short attention spans. Less is more.

Whether you need help creating a 360° video, covering an event on Snapchat, hosting a live Q&A on Facebook or making a YouTube bumper ad, Acart has got your social media video needs covered.

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