Is it finally time for your brand to be on Google Plus?

Acart has a Google+ page since they were first offered to brands (as opposed to people) in November 2011.

The page has never been a focus of social activity, unlike our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Pinterest presence.

But that could soon change.

Google us at “Acart Communications”.

You have to do it at (not .ca) to get the effect for now, but here’s what you see:

That’s right! Our G+ page comes up in the righthand column. Like a free search engine marketing ad!

That’s a huge potential draw to Google’s much-ignored social network. And it will generate results.

My friend Ivan Raszl, owner of Ads of The World, has charted an impressive influx of followers since Google integrated G+ with search:

Ivan writes, “Currently Ads of the World has huge following on Twitter with about 100 and Facebook with 200 new followers per day. If Google+ can keep up the pace of 150 new followers for business/community pages it can become as important as Twitter in a year or so. It’s not going to take over Facebook however anytime soon.”


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