shApp the app – Revolutionizing your shopping experience

What if someone told you there was an app that knew exactly what groceries you needed and wanted, when and where to buy them, all whilst finding the lowest prices? You’d say “you’re dreaming.”

Enter shApp – the new shopping experience.

shApp is an upcoming application that will revolutionize the way we shop. The app creates a personalized experience by curating various grocery store offers according to your customized profile. It will adjust to the price you’re ready to pay, your dietary requirements, your preference to buy items locally, the number of stores you’re willing to travel to, and the distance you’re willing to go for these deals.

shApp the app for mobile

This app will be intuitive – anticipating your needs based on trends in your habits and then recommending items to you or reminding you of an item you may need to replenish. It will even go so far as to map your route to and in the store, sending a plan to your SmartPhone or tablet. This will make your shopping experience faster, and much more efficient! To top it all off, shApp will help you make socially responsible choices by giving you a reason to opt out of those bulky paper flyers, and giving you the information you need to choose ethically sourced foods. The app will even summarize your positive environmental impact so you can feel good about your shopping experience. Cool, right?

Acart has proudly worked on the branding and executions for this initiative alongside David Martinek, an innovative and successful entrepreneur. Acart’s creative team and David worked collaboratively to develop this brand. The goal was to create a look that was modern, energetic, lively and simple – which are also the core values of the brand.

First, our creative team helped name the application, creating an opportunity to generate every day verbiage, such as “Just shApp it!” Knowing that the shApp app is a ubiquitous tool that can simplify peoples’ lives, the logo had to emphasize that same aspect of simplicity. The logo stems from the idea of the handwritten way of creating a grocery list. Building on that, the script font added a very human element to it. And, since asterisks tend to be used to highlight certain items on a list, what better way to highlight the name! With a slight tilt and rule underneath the logo, it conveys forward-thinking action – the idea of how using this app can save you time and money. And last but not least, when it came to colour, it needed to be a tone that was bursting with energy, and that stated “shopping is FUN,” or, should we say “shApping ”!

website for shApp the app

It was crucial to create a design that could be executed consistently through other materials including the business card, favicon and the web teaser. Specifically with the web teaser, the look needed to be equally clean and simple. A subtle parallax approach with responsive design has helped present shApp in a unique, interactive and user-friendly way.

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