Interactive Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Forces?

Choosing whether or not to join the Canadian Armed Forces is a big decision. It’s not a surprise that potential recruits may have many questions about the different careers, what life is like in the Forces, if they’re qualified to join, and if it’s the “right fit” for them.

The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces were looking for a way to address these questions and perceived barriers – which led to the creation of an interactive quiz – “How Well Do You Know Your Forces”.

We created this interactive tool as a fun, shareable solution to challenge misconceptions, highlight opportunities, and pique interest about the Forces. Our involvement included writing all the copy in English and French; establishing a look and feel; designing the layout; and developing, testing, and troubleshooting it for the traditional desktop web experience, as well as mobile and tablet browsers.

It was a unique project, and we’re ecstatic about how it turned out. Here are some shots of the quiz:

Starting frame of How Well Do You Know Your Forces quiz

Question from the interactive quiz reads: What does RMC stand for? a) Royal Military College B) Regional Military College c) Remote Medical Command d) Risk Management & ControlPicture of person doing the quiz on their mobile phone
Final slide of interactive quiz. Reads: Thanks for playing

So, how much do YOU know about your Forces? Go ahead and test your knowledge here. 

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