Infographic: why you need to go mobile

While more and more organizations are adopting a mobile-friendly web presence, a surprising number have still not made the jump. If you’re in the latter camp, now is the time.

We designed this helpful infographic to communicate the urgency of the situation, and to help you start a conversation with your colleagues about developing a mobile-friendly version of your site.

why you need to go mobile infographic

We understand that the prospect of a “whole new web site” can be intimidating. The good news is that a mobile version of your site doesn’t need to be as big or as complex as your main site. It’s best designed as a streamlined resource, presenting only the most timely and relevant information to people on the go. (They can always access your main site if they want to drill deeper.)


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1 in 10 people who access it…” (we rounded up from 8.6%, since it’s trending upwards)

61% are more likely to return

30.5% of people in the Americas are on mobile

In Canada…

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