In #elxn42, Thanksgiving weekend is also time for advance polls!

It’s been a long election campaign, but advance polls are almost here! Which means that our Ready to Vote campaign for the 2015 federal election is entering a new phase:

Of course, this weekend is also Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada! Traditionally, it’s a time when many post-secondary students who attend school away from their family home return to visit the parents (and look up high school crushes).

If you’re a student, and are registered to vote at your parents’ address (which is the case if your Voter Information Card arrived there), this offers an opportunity to vote while you’re visiting family and high school friends. The address of your hometown’s advance polling place should be on your Voter Information Card.

You can also vote at any Elections Canada office between now and Tuesday, October 13 at 6:00 pm, or at a special campus office that is open until October 8 (that’s tomorrow).

If you are registered to vote at your student house or residence, you can also vote in advance polls, or on election day, on campus or nearby. (Check your Voter Information Card or contact Elections Canada for details.)

Here’s a handy infographic we developed for students:


You can get complete voting information at


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