Impulsiveness as a creative virtue

As a creative, I constantly wrestle with “management”: manage your team, manage your time, manage client expectations.

But some of the finest creative moments are completely unmanaged, and unmanageable.

In our TV work, we intersect with the movie world. In doing so, we understand the roles everyone plays — we are the writers and executive producers (along with our clients), and on-set the Director and Producers are the Gods Of The Details. Nothing is random.

Or is it?

This great compilation of film clips shows how some of the most famous moments in legendary movies were not scripted, directed or managed. It’s a great reminder that great creative ideas are not “managed”… they come from spontaneity, chaos and pure passion.

(Viewer warning: mature language and themes. Wear headphones if your workplace frowns on F-bombs.)

What can we learn from this? If you have a great idea, let it out. From lowly extras to multimillionaire superstars, these people were not afraid to go off-script. And the Directors knew a good thing when they saw it.

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