Helping you be Ready to Vote on October 19 #elxn42

Elections Canada now estimates that 3.6 million Canadians voted in the advance polls over Thanksgiving weekend — a 71% increase in advance voting over the last election in 2011!

Clearly, voters are engaged in this federal election. Current legislation prevents Elections Canada from encouraging people to vote. (That’s up to parties and community groups.) But Elections Canada is responsible for delivering timely and accurate information to motivated electors, so they know how to vote using new identification rules at the polls.

We’re proud to be the creators of the advertising portion of the campaign — on TV, online, in print, out-of-home, and other places where Canadians get their information.

Now it’s time for the last phase of the Ready to Vote campaign, counting down to Election Day on October 19th:

Are you Ready to Vote? If you need more information about registration, ID requirements, or how to find your polling place, get it at

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