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Helping students have a cyber-safe school year

You’ve probably seen our Get Cyber Safe campaigns for Public Safety Canada online, especially on social media, but if you’re starting the school year at a Canadian college or university, you may see it on campus as well!

This month, Public Safety Canada launched a back-to-school campaign to educate students on cyber safety, especially those using their mobile phones to shop and bank on-line, schedule their time, connect with friends, etc. In addition to social channels, to reach students in the rush of frosh week/orientation activities, we literally went old-school and delivered a direct marketing piece through their on-campus welcome kits.

In case you don’t remember, student welcome kits contain all kinds of essential printed information about classes, on-campus facilities, activities, and more, they often contain advertising and offers from corporations who pay big money to be there. Our challenge was to get added as a PSA, or public service announcement, without breaking our limited marketing budget.

Back to school postcard

We created a two-sided bilingual postcard, with key campaign messages and elements, and got on the phone (and email). As there is no centralized distribution network for student welcome kits, we contacted 46 student unions/federations/societies across the country, one by one, describing the program and the important safety messages for students.

Student organizations are incredibly busy in the summer, preparing for the big return in September, so at first our partnership team received polite regrets. However, once a few prominent schools came on board, there was a snowball effect.

As of this week, 21 student organizations are participating in the distribution of 40,000 Get Cyber Safe postcards across the country, from Cape Breton University to Simon Fraser. We reached some of the biggest schools, including Queen’s and Waterloo, and closer to home we are in Carleton University, Alqonquin College, and La Cité collégiale.

Thank you to the hardworking members of student unions, federations, and societies who took the time and effort to help Public Safety Canada educate students about having a cyber safe school year!

To learn more about our campaigns and how we can help you reach youth audiences, contact us today.

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