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Helping healthcare workers share their professional pride

The Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) represents the medical professionals who provide you with X-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

We’ve been working with CAMRT for several years to help them raise the profile of the profession among healthcare peers and patients, from creating an award-winning patient-centric microsite to developing HR communication tools.

One of our most recent campaigns has been an internal training video for Medical Radiation Technologists on the “NOD” approach in introducing themselves to patients. An acronym for “Name, Occupation, and what you DO” the NOD helps clarify the Technologist’s professional role (not a nurse, not a radiologist) and humanizes the imaging or medical procedure. This is important, as Medical Radiation Technologists are in contact with patients during some of their most emotional moments, such as undergoing potentially life-changing diagnoses and events.

Working with videographer Karl Roeder, we filmed real Medical Radiation Technologists at the Queensway Carleton and Monfort hospitals in Ottawa. The patients were Medical Radiation Technology students, friends and family. (The machines were not really operating at the time.)

As you can imagine, filming in working hospitals was a challenge. We had to work around tight scheduling to ensure the machines were available for real patients during clinical; hours. And we had to use a minimal crew to avoid disruption.

We’d like to thank our great clients at CAMRT, Karl and crew, and all of our star technologists and volunteers for allowing us to help improve Canadian healthcare by supporting frontline professionals.


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