Flood Ready Emergency Preparedness

Helping Canadians be more #FloodReady

Have you ever asked yourself, is my home in danger from overland flooding? Is there anything I can do to protect my property? Will my insurance cover the potential damage?

Our latest campaign for Public Safety Canada urges Canadians to learn the answers to these (and many other) questions about flood risks and planning. It’s an effort to help people be more #FloodReady to protect themselves and their property, as well as to generally reduce the financial and resource costs of floods.

The content marketing campaign reaches out through Public Safety’s social media channels and partner networks, directing Canadians to the #FloodReady resource page at Canada.ca. There, visitors will find learning tools such as infographics, blog posts, and other content that will help them take the steps they need to prepare for the worst.


Don’t wait for the water! Visit the #FloodReady information page, and share the information with your neighbours and networks!

Follow the campaign on Facebook (Emergency Ready in Canada) and Twitter (@Get_Prepared).

The campaign is also available in French.

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