Helping Canada get ready to vote in #elxn42

Monday, September 14, marked the official launch of Elections Canada’s Electoral Reminder Program advertising campaign. And we couldn’t be more proud!

At Acart, we have been working on the strategy and execution of this campaign for almost two years — from agency pitch, to client consultations, to creative development, to testing, production, and media trafficking. That’s a long time to keep such an important campaign under wraps!

The result is something we’re quite excited about. The creative approach is simple, using a stick figure, very limited colour, and plain language. But that’s the whole point of the exercise. Our goal is to make voting as accessible as possible for people who are planning to do so in the 42nd Canadian general election. For obvious reasons, we wanted the communications to be as inclusive and politically neutral as possible.

It may be an information campaign, but it still needed to be eye-catching and memorable. This is especially so on television and online video, where a combination of light-hearted animation and a catchy jazz soundtrack bring the campaign to life:

In the following weeks, up until election day on October 19th, we’ll be blogging here about the strategies, the insights, and the really hard work that went into bringing this campaign to life. But for now, we invite you to visit to get ready to vote!

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