Happy 80th Birthday to Dr. Jane Goodall! #Biographic

On April 3rd, 1934, Valerie Jane Morris-Goodall was born in London, England.

What the world did not know at that time is that the baby girl would grow up to revolutionize our understanding of chimpanzees, become a United Nations Messenger of Peace, and — even at 80 — spend most of her waking hours spreading her message of environmental crisis and hope for humanity all around the world.

Acart Communications is a partner of The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, and we have been providing them with strategy and creative to help with fundraising efforts in Dr. Jane’s 80th year.

Our latest project is a sharable poster showing the great woman’s evolution from a little girl who dreamed of the jungle to the woman who inspires generations of new naturalists:

The Evolution of Jane Goodall Biographic

Please join us in celebrating Dr. Jane’s 80th year, get educational resources and give generously here.

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