Understanding the Internet of Things

Giving SMBs the tools they need to secure the #IoTatWork

Small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners work hard to manage the demands of running a business, not to mention handling the complexities of IT and cybersecurity. Thus, Public Safety Canada created the Get Cyber Safe Guide for Small and Medium Businesses, which provides education on cyber security and practical tips to protect your business. Acart’s task was to help create a companion piece to this Guide all about the Internet of Things (IoT). Expanding on our #ConnectSmarter campaign, #IoTatWork provides businesses with the resources they need to understand, and protect against the risks of the IoT in the workplace.

But SMB owners need more than just security tips. Adopting a new technology like the IoT, which has the potential to change how your business runs, requires a strategy. First, our challenge was to educate business decision makers on the importance of cybersecurity from the outset of implementation into the business. Then, we had to guide them through the process, and provide tools to train their employees.

Therefore, we created the #IoTatWork Toolkit for Small and Medium Businesses. It consists of:

Internet of Things business toolkit

Internet of Things powerpoint slide

Internet of Things campaign image

Finally, the design uses a mixture of icons and photography, similar to our #ConnectSmarter campaign. The devices are at the forefront, which demonstrates how the IoT has an impact on our workplaces.

Internet of Things LinkedIn image

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