Getting Creative with Yoga and Meditation

Creativity doesn’t come and go on command. When I was working on my portfolio in school, I wish I had been pulling brilliant ideas out of my head, instead of pulling out my hair. The way to creativity is not easy, because there are no formulas or answers in the back of a textbook. My best ideas always come from within, when I am not engaged with the outside world. This doesn’t mean I isolate myself – I just need to be free of distractions, and find peace of mind.


People search for inspiration in different ways. Some tap into their creativity through their experiences and emotions, like Van Gogh or Hemingway immersing themselves in angst or misery. Others, like me, find inspiration through their interests and hobbies. My inspiration comes from my hobbies outside of work, especially yoga.

Speaking from my own experience, yoga and meditation are the keys to finding creativity. The creative thinking process takes lots of energy – both spiritual and physical. Meditation helps me concentrate and search within. With each breath, inhaling and exhaling, I center my energy.

To meditate and practise yoga, focus on nothing but your breath. The typical way to breath is called Ujjayi breath, breathing in and out through your nose. When you inhale, feel the fresh air slowly go through your mind into the center of your body. As you exhale, listen to the ocean waves in the back of your throat.

Another method is to inhale through your mouth and hold your breath for five seconds. Then exhale slowly through your nose. After you complete two or three cycles of 25, you’ll feel totally relaxed and inspired.

People who practise yoga believe they can unlock seven wheels, or chakras, located along the spine, which generate spiritual energy.

The first three chakras are more physical in nature:

The final three chakras are the source of spiritual forces:

Whether I’ve actually unlocked a chakra or not, the feeling of peace after each session is what matters to me.

Yoga and meditation help spark my creativity for my graphic design work at Acart and my arts and crafts hobbies. How do you get creative?

This post was co-written by Jenny Bertrand.


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