Fostering Team Building Outside of Work

Happy hour drinks with my coworkers after a long day of work is something I always look forward to. But I’ve never done any team building activities before – until an afternoon session of archery tag at Archery Games (the “Hunger Games” version of laser tag) with my colleagues. Here’s what made it such a unique and fun bonding experience.


Firstly, it was a perfect way to get to know my fellow coworkers in an active setting as opposed to how I saw them in their daily “work” mode. I saw a fun, yet competitive side of my colleagues in their athletic gear, carrying their bow and arrows as they weaved through obstacles to avoid being target practice.


Strategizing battle plans among my teammates fostered an increased sense of cooperation. That can be translated to the agency as a means to tackle day to day issues requiring a collective solution. Trying to avoid being hit by a nerf-ended arrow definitely brought out the strategizing juices among my colleagues.


Creativity also shone through when it came to strategizing. Creative ways to remain alive in the battle arena were the result of my teammates coming together, which could lead to successful collaboration in the workplace. Successful people feed ideas off each other to bring thoughts and imagination to the next level.


The aspect of healthy, friendly competition was also evident. Bragging rights surfaced. And when friendly bragging is involved, the natural response is to one-up your opponent. When brought back to the office, the drive to produce and outdo takes hold. Not a bad end result after an afternoon of fun.


Overall, it’s all about fun, motivation and team spirit. Working together on the “battlefield” opened up new lines of communication among my colleagues which I thought couldn’t be enhanced. Now that these were established, I could incorporate what I fostered back in the working world, motivating me to take it up a notch.

When comes right down to it, a successful team building activity will eventually lead to a workplace environment that’s more enjoyable, successful and productive.

And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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