For York Region Transit riders, bus time is #TheNewMeTime

York Region Transit (YRT/Viva) is one of our favourite clients. Not only do they share our passion for promoting public transit, but they also believe that do be effective, we need to constantly innovate — both strategically and creatively.

York Region Transit poster - "Playtime: Bus time is the new me time"

Our latest ridership campaign for YRT/Viva is a celebration of “found time,” which is something regular bus commuters really appreciate about their ride. Instead of having to be fully engaged in navigating traffic as a car driver, bus riders can relax, listen to music, read, prepare for work, or otherwise take the opportunity of being on a bus to enjoy “me time”. This insight came from YRT/Viva rider interactions, as well as our own experience as bus commuters. It was also explored and validated last year in our successful “Do It On The Bus” campaign for Halifax Transit. The objective is to both retain existing ridership, by reinforcing the positive bus experience, and to engage riders in a conversation about #TheNewMeTime that will help them act as transit ambassadors on social media.

Having spent the last few years with stylized photographic approaches, we wanted this year’s ridership campaign to pull people in with more arresting, conceptual images. The campaign is currently running on transit properties throughout York Region.

York Region Transit poster - dreamtime: Bus time is the new me time

York Region Transit Poster - Preptime: Bus time is the new me timeHere are two on-bus versions in context:

Bus ad: Hashtag dreamtime

Ad on side of bus: Hashtag prep time

The campaign also appears in ads on Web and social media, as well as on digital screens. We’ll share the results as they come in.

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