#EscapedTRex crashes Montréal Comiccon! #UltimateDinos

What’s big and scary, and less extinct than you thought? How about a “real” 12-foot T. rex running loose?

For the Canadian Museum of Nature’s Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition, we planned and executed an experiential marketing activation in Montréal that turned heads — even among the costumed fans at Comiccon!

We partnered with Ottawa dinosaur performer Adam Zimmerman to make a splash in the Montréal market and draw visitors to the summer blockbuster in Ottawa. But as with our Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience campaign for Canada Aviation and Space Museum, we combined experiential marketing with a social media and media relations strategy to tell a compelling story that reached far beyond Comiccon:

Since we were also running our Captain’s Chair experiential for The Starfleet Academy Experience (#StarfleetOTT) at Comiccon, we even managed to facilitate some cross-promo between our two national museum clients:

In several short activations on Comiccon’s opening day, our #EsacapedTRex interacted with hundreds of people, with our activators distributing 750 discount coupons for Ultimate Dinosaurs to interested fans. The rule-of-thumb for experiential interactions is that each person directly engaged tells an average of 17 others if they have a positive experience, giving a word-of-mouth reach well into the thousands.

As a result of the two-day organic campaign on Twitter, the #EscapedTRex hashtag achieved 1.4 million potential impressions, as well as earned media coverage in Metro Montréal and CTV Montréal.

Did you see our #EscapedTRex at Montréal Comiccon? Tweet us at @AcartComm!

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