Cyber Safe Holidays

Enjoy #CyberSafeHolidays with More Tips from Get Cyber Safe

Now that the busy shopping season is almost over, we’ve moved into the final phase of Public Safety Canada‘s Get Cyber Safe holiday campaign.

Phase 1 provided tips and resources to help Canadians shop securely online; phase 2 focuses on how to be cyber safe when visiting relatives, or when giving or receiving gifts that connect to the internet.

The Acart team partnered with Public Safety Canada to create several shareable campaign materials. For phase 2, we developed a landing page, a tip sheet, an animated video, social media posts (animated and static), and a blog post about important dates for promoting cyber safety, which will be released during the first week of January.

Tip sheet: 5 Tips for a CyberSafe Holiday Season
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We’re happy to support Public Safety Canada in helping Canadians stay “CyberSafe” over the holidays. Follow Get Cyber Safe on Twitter and Facebook to check out the rest of the campaign as it rolls out!

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