Elections Canada is a “WIN” on BuzzFeed! #elxn42

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In addition to the mainstream media campaign we’ve developed for Elections Canada in the 2015 federal election, Acart has explored some innovative media opportunities. Perhaps the most unexpected is the commissioning of two “listicles” as native advertising on BuzzFeed.

For those unfamiliar with it, BuzzFeed is an American-based media company that has evolved from user-generated and aggregated content to a major player in “social news and entertainment.” Its audience skews young, and while much of its content consists of whimsical lists of observational humour with animated GIFS (“listicles,” or list-articles), the site also hosts some more serious journalistic content.

BuzzFeed recently opened a Canadian office to provide regionalized content, and our media team identified BuzzFeed Canada as an ideal channel for reaching younger voters with key voting information.

We commissioned two listicles from BuzzFeed, and provided an outline and brief. They wrote the copy and sourced the GIFs.

The first listicle is straightforward: Everything You Need To Know About The Canadian Federal Election.

The other is more lighthearted: 11 Moments That Make You Feel Like An Actual Adult

Both listicles end with our registration video ad, and link to Elections Canada online.

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So far, the response from media and fans has been really positive:

Thanks to Olga and our internal team of young media, creative, and client service BuzzFeeders for helping us get it right!

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