Don’t turn a blind eye…

Acart’s Elder Abuse Awareness PSA, filmed two years ago for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, is airing once again on national TV. Have you seen it?

Of all the campaigns we’ve done over the past few years, this is the one that has provoked the most emotional response — from the agency, the client, focus groups, viewers, and even the actors!

It also got results: 58% total aided recall, 53% unaided recall and 54% aided TV recall. (The Government of Canada benchmark for aided recall is 36%.) And then there was the Excel award:

But what we found really rewarding was the opportunity to live our motto of doing “Work That Matters”. A true desire to do the right thing, and help stop the exploitation of our elder friends, family and neighbours permeated the agency and client meetings — as well as in the production with Soma.

The timing of this re-run is not coincidental, by the way. October 1st was Canada’s first National Seniors Day.

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