Don’t just recycle your ride, rethink it

Our Retire Your Ride campaign for the Canadian Urban Transit Association is back!

Originally run last winter, our car bluebox ads are back in bus shelters and other transit properties across Canada.

As a member of — and social marketing agency for — the Canadian Urban Transit Association, Acart’s job is to try to reduce the number of cars on the road and increase transit ridership nationwide by persuading Canadians to trade in their old cars for transit passes.

According to Environment Canada the average pre-1995 vehicle in Canada produces 19 times more smog forming air pollution than newer models, which have to meet much more stringent emissions standards. They estimate at least five million of these nasty old burners are out on our roads now. Clearly, the time has come to retire them (at least, the ones without true vintage value).

Retire Your Ride offers cash, discounts on new or used cars, and sustainable transportation options like bikes, car-sharing, and public transit.

If your relationship with your car has lost its magic, consider trading up to sustainable transit.