Delving for insights to reposition MiHR’s Canadian Mining Certification Program

Certification programs are important for workers in just about every industry. EMS workers, accountants, and even scuba divers must be officially certified. For mineworkers, the industry-wide certification is the Canadian Mining Certification Program (CMCP), created by the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR).MiHR CMCP badge

Acart’s job was to help increase awareness and recognition of the CMCP throughout the Canadian mining industry. To do this, we had to reposition the existing CMCP brand by developing a value proposition and business case. These were supported by several marketing and informational pieces, targeting mining companies (employers) and mineworkers (employees).

First, we had to reestablish the positioning strategy. We conducted many in-depth interviews with employers, employees and mining influencers to discover what the CMCP means to those in the mining industry. We uncovered insights about the current environment within the industry, the value of recognition, and thoughts on brand, training, processes, and recruitment.

For employees, the CMCP represents recognition and opportunity. For employers, the CMCP shows leadership and commitment. Certification also quantifies training, skills and experience. As a result of these insights, we positioned the CMCP as “the Measure of Mining Expertise”.

 Secondly, we crafted two-pronged messaging for our audiences. For employers, the messaging focused on the value of their training investment and the business benefits, like productivity and profit gains. It also highlighted how adopting the CMCP could improve their standing within the industry. For employees, we focused on the personal benefits of getting certified, like opportunity, pride, and value.

Next, we developed a cross-medium suite of marketing materials promoting the program benefits, including:

  • Short animated videos
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Brochures
  • Posters

Finally, we designed many informational documents guiding candidates, employers, and assessors/examiners through the process, including:

  • Step-by-step guides on certification
  • Whiteboard-style videos (with Video it™)
  • Infographics and process charts
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Guidelines and standards books
  • Training workbooks

With the help of our marketing campaign, more mineworkers may receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve through certification.

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