Dance in the Background

I’ve never had my very own extension number. For those who have had one before, please excuse my enthusiasm. I have my own office area too. With a window. Imagine that, a writer who witnesses daylight.

I just started my internship with Acart Communications, and I guess you can say I’m a little over excited. It’s hard not to be when surrounded by award winners, inspiration and talented people. I’m also surrounded by a banner that reads, “Is this a crime scene?” and I’m hoping this is a joke about messy desks and not about co-workers who passed due to extreme self-induced caffeine injections.

From what I’ve seen so far, I think I’m going to like it here. From the “forest” brainstorm room, to the office areas with a view of the city– Acart is my perfect home for the next few weeks and I look forward to being part of their talented team. Even though I might be just “the new girl” from Algonquin College, I’m going to make it a point to not stand in the background. I want to show off my abilities and be important for more reasons than just having my own extension number. Even if that means I have to dance in the background. Everyone starts somewhere, right?

Follow my journey from near graduate to full-fledged professional, with hopefully only a few, very minor, teensy weensy mistakes along the way. Here’s hoping.
— Katie Schnob

[Image via Very Hilarious]

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