Donate and join us in #CrackingHunger

Be part of #CrackingHunger in Swaziland – with nutritious, sustainable eggs!

Today, more than 805 million people around the world suffer from chronic hunger. That means one-ninth of the global population does not get enough food to live an active, healthy life. The majority of hungry children and families live in developing parts of the world, such as Swaziland, Africa where 1 in 3 persons is undernourished. Heart for Africa, a not-for-profit charitable organization, brings hope to this region by providing a home to vulnerable orphans, as well as jobs and resources to the entire community.

Our long-time client, Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC), has partnered with Heart for Africa and the International Egg Foundation (IEF) to raise funds to build a much-needed egg barn in Swaziland. Once complete, the barn will provide the community with a local source of sustainable, high-quality protein, as well as new jobs and opportunities.

The Acart team is proud to be involved in this impactful project by developing campaign materials to support EFC’s fundraising initiatives. First, we designed a shareable infographic to pique interest about the project and drive the audience to the donation page.

Infographic: Help us feed a hungry world with nutritious sustainable eggs
From there, we rolled out the rest of the materials, which included the hashtag (#CrackingHunger) that’s working as the anchor of the campaign, social media content and graphics (paid and organic), and an ally toolkit.

Egg Farmers of Canada #CrackingHunger tweets

We also created a campaign-specific landing page to further inform the audience about the initiative and inspire them to take action and make a donation to help build the egg barn.

Our approach to the design and content was to be clear, positive and informative. We used earthy, warm colours and integrated EFC’s signature yellow to add energy. It was important to us, and EFC, to use a mix of graphics and authentic Heart for Africa photos to convey the facts as well as create a personal, emotional connection with the audience.

Donate and join us in #CrackingHunger

We always strive to do work that matters by involving ourselves in projects that make a real, long-lasting difference. We encourage you to make a difference too by donating to #CrackingHunger and sharing the initiative with your social network, using the hashtag. Together we can fight global malnutrition and build stronger, self-sufficient communities – one egg at a time.


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