Closing the Contact Loop at Your Next Christmas Networking Party

‘Tis the season to experience holiday cheer! And business Christmas parties are the perfect way to both celebrate yuletide merriment and network with your peers.

Whether you’re sharing ideas or generating leads over drinks and appetizers, the holiday season provides many great opportunities. 

But many times after an evening of socializing, we misplace the business cards we’ve traded and forget to follow-up the next day.

Perhaps a potential lead never gets called upon again.

One way to make your life easier and save all the contacts you cultivate is to use a business card reader app on your cell phone. 

When someone hands you their business card, you can instantly whip out your phone, use the app to take a pic of the card and all its details are automatically migrated into your contact list. Then you can activate an alert to remind you the next day and you’re good to go. There are tons of card reader apps, many of them free, so there’s no excuse to leave a potential lead forgotten. 

After you’ve saved his/her info, invite your new contact the next day for a coffee at your favourite coffee house. There’s nothing like barista-served, Christmas-blend java to clear your mind after an evening of revelry. 

And with your guest away from their desk, office distractions are gone and you’ll have their undivided attention.

Happy Noël Networking!

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