Celebrate Earth Day on the bus!

April 22 is an important day for us. Earth Day is a positive reminder that we live on a beautiful planet and need to take better care of it.

As Social Issues Marketing specialists, Acart has a long history of helping clients promote their green initiatives.

For example, a few years ago we developed a campaign for Natural Resources Canada prompting Canadian homeowners to take advantage of grants to make their homes more energy efficient. More recently, we created a campaign about energy efficiency for Hydro Ottawa, including an infographic (English and French) and a video that make it easier to understand the simple steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient.


Earth Day isn’t just about what you do at home. Since many of us work outside the home, the daily choices we make about our commute have a huge impact on our world. That’s why we’re so committed to public transit advertising. Through our ongoing work with York Region Transit and past campaigns with the Canadian Urban Transit Association, OC Transpo, Halifax Transit, Kingston Transit, and others, we have been able to increase bus ridership significantly in several cities.

do it on the bus ad - man sleeping behind the wheel


As a rule of thumb, one full city bus removes the need for 40 single-occupancy-vehicles on the road. That represents a huge reduction of air pollution, carbon emissions, and traffic congestion.

Want to do something meaningful to celebrate the Earth today? Take a bus (or a streetcar, or subway, or LRT).

The world will be glad you did.


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