Want to go viral? #doitonthebus

Yesterday, our campaign for Halifax Region’s Metro Transit went live. Themed “Do It On The Bus,” it speaks to the many leisure and work activities you can do as a transit rider that you can’t (or shouldn’t) as a driver. This morning, Metro Transit announced the campaign on its Twitter feed, and included the hashtag… Continue reading Want to go viral? #doitonthebus

Our newest transit campaign: Do it on the bus

We’ve been doing public transit advertising for quite a few years now, but it’s still a thrill to launch a campaign in a new market. For the past couple of months, we’ve been developing this campaign for Halifax Metro Transit. Today, it launched! Do It On The Bus is all about making people more aware… Continue reading Our newest transit campaign: Do it on the bus

Record ridership at York Region Transit

York Region Transit is one of our favourite clients. Partly because we’re passionate public transit supporters, but mostly because we have built a positive and trusting working relationship that yields amazing results. So it is with great pleasure that we toot YRT’s horn by sharing their incredible news: In 2012, the Regional Municipality of York… Continue reading Record ridership at York Region Transit

YRT takes rider protection personally in our latest transit campaign

As part of their commitment to passenger safety, YRT works with York Regional Police to prevent verbal, physical and sexual harassment of passengers by other passengers. While this is not currently a particular problem in York Region (compared to other Canadian urban regions), the campaign is intended as proactive measure to deter potential abusers, by ensuring them that they will be caught by on-board cops and prosecuted, as well as an invitation to bystanders to be part of the solution.


We have long promoted ourselves as Canada’s transit advertising specialists, and we have had great success in relaunching transit brands like OC Transpo, Kingston Transit, Canadian Urban Transit Association and Smart Commute. But each new system is a unique challenge, and we could hardly wait for our first assignment.

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