YRT takes rider protection personally in our latest transit campaign

As part of their commitment to passenger safety, YRT works with York Regional Police to prevent verbal, physical and sexual harassment of passengers by other passengers. While this is not currently a particular problem in York Region (compared to other Canadian urban regions), the campaign is intended as proactive measure to deter potential abusers, by ensuring them that they will be caught by on-board cops and prosecuted, as well as an invitation to bystanders to be part of the solution.

MRT Week – Look Deeper and Celebrate the People behind the Technology

From November 6–12, Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) across Canada celebrated with their community, colleagues, and each other to promote the Very Image of Care during MRT Week. Acart was tasked with creating various materials including a poster, fact card, post-it note, tent card, retractable badge holder, bandage dispenser and downloadable banner to help promote this… Continue reading MRT Week – Look Deeper and Celebrate the People behind the Technology

Change the conversation about impaired driving

Check out our brand new Social Issues Marketing campaign to change the national conversation about impaired driving. It’s a partnership with longtime clients Traffic Injury Research Foundation and Brewers Association of Canada, as well as Arrive Alive and The Student Life Education Company.

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