For York Region Transit riders, bus time is #TheNewMeTime

York Region Transit (YRT/Viva) is one of our favourite clients. Not only do they share our passion for promoting public transit, but they also believe that do be effective, we need to constantly innovate — both strategically and creatively. Our latest ridership campaign for YRT/Viva is a celebration of “found time,” which is something regular… Continue reading For York Region Transit riders, bus time is #TheNewMeTime

Brain on Board: A new kind of road safety campaign

Traffic Injury Research Foundation, Toyota Foundation and Acart Communications partnered to launch a safer driving initiative that teaches Canadians how to use their vehicles’ advanced safety features more effectively. Branded “Brain on Board,” the campaign is a reaction to research that shows some safety features are leading to overconfident — rather than safer — driving.… Continue reading Brain on Board: A new kind of road safety campaign

Take a scroll through Acart’s Christmas tale

After the success of last year’s video send-up on horror movie trailers, Paranoël Activity, we wanted to do something completely different for our 2012 agency Christmas card. If you haven’t seen it yet, view it here. (There’s also a French version, here.) Our inspiration came from something that happened in early November. Shoppers Drug Mart,… Continue reading Take a scroll through Acart’s Christmas tale

#Anonymous hacked our Christmas video

Just yesterday, when Christopher was writing his post about local video production in Ottawa, he revisited our Christmas video from last year, which he wrote and directed: But then, in the related videos column, he spotted this: That’s right, our Christmas video. Hacked. By Anonymous. For those unfamiliar with their work, Anonymous is “a loosely… Continue reading #Anonymous hacked our Christmas video

Acart takes Calypso beyond…

If you live in or around Ottawa or Montreal, you have probably seen or heard our latest campaign for Calypso Theme Waterpark. Now on our third season as AOR for Canada’s biggest theme waterpark, we have been working hard to bring the creative to the next level. In years one and two, the focus was… Continue reading Acart takes Calypso beyond…

YRT takes rider protection personally in our latest transit campaign

As part of their commitment to passenger safety, YRT works with York Regional Police to prevent verbal, physical and sexual harassment of passengers by other passengers. While this is not currently a particular problem in York Region (compared to other Canadian urban regions), the campaign is intended as proactive measure to deter potential abusers, by ensuring them that they will be caught by on-board cops and prosecuted, as well as an invitation to bystanders to be part of the solution.

MRT Week – Look Deeper and Celebrate the People behind the Technology

From November 6–12, Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) across Canada celebrated with their community, colleagues, and each other to promote the Very Image of Care during MRT Week. Acart was tasked with creating various materials including a poster, fact card, post-it note, tent card, retractable badge holder, bandage dispenser and downloadable banner to help promote this… Continue reading MRT Week – Look Deeper and Celebrate the People behind the Technology

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