A modern, world-class website for a modern, world-class client


Our client’s objective

Pythian, a global IT services company, acquired Agosto, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, and wanted a new corporate website to reflect the amalgamated service offering and their evolving brand. They needed a signature, UX-focussed, hyper B2B customer-centric digital experience that integrated the company they acquired and their world-class offerings.


Brand strategy, SEO consulting, User experience strategy (customer journey mapping), Content strategy, Copywriting, Digital design, Full-stack development, Website personalization

Our challenge

Merge two companies while delivering a holistic branded experience, driven by a user experience-centered approach. Create a new website and content strategy that breaks silos while providing the audience a streamlined experience.

Our strategy

Design an experience for the way audiences want to buy, not the way the company wants to sell. We needed intuitive navigation and to reduce the number of options offered on the previous site. What resulted was an elevated online customer experience.

How we did it

We evolved the brand by making it brighter, bolder, and friendlier with an approachable design. We created messaging and developed tone-of-voice that speaks to the market from a customer- and value-centric perspective, and designed experiences to match user needs and behaviours. Dynamic navigation, drop downs, and resources completed the refresh and ensured the content was easy to manage and the user experience current.

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