MiWay – On MiWay

Driving students to ride with MiWay


Our client’s objective

Attract and engage more middle school, high school, college/university students to use MiWay bus services. Increase ridership among students already using MiWay and convert them into a long-term customer base beyond graduation.


Strategy, Media Planning, Trafficking & Reporting, Creative, Production

increase in youth ridership
(13–19 years old) PRESTO trips

Our challenge

Make MiWay resonate with teens and parents alike while quickly and effectively portraying how the services fit into their daily lives and culture.

Our strategy

Make students feel that MiWay gives them the freedom to get where they want to go while touching on the emotional reasons that drive them to travel.

How we did it

A pitch to the heart. We highlighted the breezy, energetic lives of students, each travelling On MiWay to somewhere they wanted to be. The creative spoke to students’ needs to move, connect with friends, and share their experiences in real time.

More details

Drag and move.

Snapchat filter reach with teens

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