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Egg Farmers of Canada

Cracking into supply management benefits

Egg Farmers of Canada

Our client’s objective

We needed to educate key audience groups on the benefits of supply management, raise awareness of the EFC brand and membership with key groups, give influencers a reason to continue supporting Canadian egg farmers, and drive clicks to and


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Egg Farmers of Canada - Better Together
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Our challenge

How do you turn a complex subject like supply management into something people want to read, understand, and share in a cluttered media space?

Our strategy

We looked to the positive and reinforced the message that the system works. We told this story on social media (paid and organic) and it got us the engagement we were looking for. We sponsored content partnerships with Huffington Post and The Globe and Mail to explain why supply management is worth it. We used simple and accessible language to ensure our message was as digestible as the glorious eggs it promoted.

How we did it

We capitalized on EFC’s established visual direction by shooting real farmers on-location at their farms. We worked collaboratively with tactical support from EFC including: an integrated communications approach with media relations, government relations, and content marketing via This Supply Management campaign was such a success that EFC solicited Acart to develop the follow-up 2020 Supply Management campaign.

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