Dairy Distillery

Increasing brand awareness and eCommerce footprints for local makers

Dairy Distillery

Our client’s objective

Dairy Distillery—an artisan spirits producer out of Almonte, a small town near Ottawa, Ontario—are best known as the makers of Vodkow Vodka. When they first approached Acart, Dairy Distillery had already amassed a large, loyal fanbase locally, but they needed help reaching a wider audience across Ontario.

Collaborating with other local makers, the company launched a limited-edition collection of lactose-free cream liqueurs featuring 4 different flavours:

  • Classic Cream
  • Chocolate (from Hummingbird Chocolate)
  • Maple (from Fulton’s Maple Syrup)
  • Coffee (from Equator Coffee)

This co-branded Friendship Series was an opportunity for Dairy Distillery to boost eCommerce holiday sales and increase their brand awareness.


Media strategy/planning
Media buying/trafficking
Performance-based pricing

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Our challenge

Would the story of a small distillery from Almonte, Ontario resonate with people across the province?

We knew that Dairy Distillery’s high-quality products aligned with alcohol consumer trends towards small batch, local, artisan spirits. The sheer ‘giftability’ of the friendship series was undeniable. Who wouldn’t want 4 cute bottles of sweet, boozy cream delivered in a stylized milk carton?

People just had to know it existed.

Our strategy

Outside the Ottawa area, most people were unaware of Dairy Distillery and their friendship series. We needed to:

  • Build a multi-pronged media plan to increase brand awareness and encourage holiday sales
  • Deliver the right messaging to generate interest among potential customers
  • Ensure the campaign reached interested people enough times to be memorable and actionable

How we did it

Leveraging the power of digital ad targeting, we split the campaign into two key components:

  1. An awareness campaign to raise the profile of Dairy Distillery’s brand and the friendship series.
    We targeted this at people interested in spirits, supporting local, lactose-free products (a key selling feature of DD’s cream liqueurs), as well as the individual flavours featured in the pack.
    These ads drove people to Dairy Distillery’s website to purchase the Friendship Series.
  2. A retargeting campaign focused on bringing previous website visitors back to the site to purchase the Friendship Series.

More details

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ROAS for retargeting portion of the campaign
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