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Reeling in outdoor gear sales


Our client’s objective

BlacktipH® needed to increase outdoor gear sales, boost social engagement, and create more awareness for their pioneering fishing brand.


Strategy, Media Planning, Trafficking & Reporting, Creative, Production

total sales increase
increase in total online shop conversions

Our challenge

There’s currently a lot of choice in the market when it comes to outdoor gear. Acart needed to show audiences how BlacktipH® products are superior, and not just for fishing.

Our strategy

We leveraged BlacktipH®’s already established tone of voice and authentically spoke to their audience the way they speak. Their customers were already on social, so we targeted them there. We engaged this built-in audience as a base net for catching additional customers. We got results by creating strong calls to action, and leveraging timely holidays (ex: 4th of July) to entice web clicks and instill a sense of urgency in the consumer.

How we did it

Unique copy and emoticons connected with BlacktipH®’s niche audience through Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing. We enticed their audience to buy merchandise through conversion-worthy copy and assets that effectively communicated the products’ versatile and practical benefits.

More details

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Wisepop SMS conversation results

total impressions from Aug 21-31, 2020
clicks from Aug 21-31, 2020
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