Professional Surveyors Canada: Know where you stand

Building Awareness of the Value of Professional Surveying in Canada

Imagine you want to build a fence in your backyard. How would you be able to tell exactly where your backyard ends and your neighbour’s yard begins? This is important information if you want to avoid encroaching on your neighbour’s property. In this situation, you need the expertise of a professional surveyor.

Professional surveyors measure and map environments—using mathematics, specialized technology, and equipment—to determine property boundaries and establish areas where structures should be built to follow zoning regulations. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to build on your property, or a professional in construction or land development, a surveyor provides the information you need to build safely and follow the law.

Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) is a community of Canadian surveyors working to strengthen the vision of the profession and build public awareness of the art and science of surveying. As part of our ongoing work with PSC, we created a digital awareness campaign to establish the value of surveyors’ work to real estate agents, builders, and property owners. The campaign is running via Facebook ads, native ads on Yahoo!, and web banners.

Professional surveyors show you what's not in the listing

Professional surveyors provide confidence for builders

Professional surveyors secure your property rights

The ads lead to PSC’s website, which Acart redesigned to be more public-facing and mobile-friendly.


A goal in the redesign of PSC’s website was to improve the user experience by organizing information in a way that better differentiates public-facing content from members’ content. We achieved this by bringing public messages to the forefront and integrating a user-friendly design with their existing dedicated members’ content management system (CMS). The site was built to be more mobile-friendly through the implementation of a responsive framework.

Professional Surveyors Canada mobile site

Check out the new website in English or French, and let us know what you think!

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