Why Your Brand Needs a Social Influencer

Social influencers are the authority in their niche – they are social media superstars ranging from celebrities to industry leaders, to local bloggers.

Whether it’s a small local company or a large corporate firm, social influencers have the power to increase your brand’s awareness, conversion and exposure. Most importantly, they provide a personable, trustworthy edge many brands lack.

Here are just a few of the ways a social influencer can benefit your brand.

Improve Search Ranking

One of the biggest challenges digital marketers face is improving their brand’s search ranking. The addition of a social influencer to your marketing tactics can drive organic web traffic by helping build high-quality links to your brand’s website that’ll improve your search engine ranking. In return, the increased visibility improves the chances of conversion to your brand.

Increase Brand Knowledge and Improve Awareness

Nikki & Sammy #HereIAm

A social influencer can boost brand awareness and product knowledge. By providing your influencer with information, such as the features and benefits of your product or service, you provide them with the knowledge to speak confidently about your product.

Mencap sought to raise awareness of those with learning disabilities. By harnessing large networks and #HereIAm hashtag, they reached more than 10 million people and started online conversations with over 21,000 likes, shares, and comments.

Amber May

Acart helped promote a live #CyberTalk on Get Cyber Safe’s Facebook Page, hosted by best-selling author Amber Mac. She discussed parenting in the digital age and how to teach kids to respect privacy, property, and feelings online. 

Reach your Desired Audience

Whether you are looking to reach your brand’s current markets, or tap into entirely new ones, a social influencer can act as a gateway to your audience. Through product knowledge, contests, promo codes and more, an influencer can help foster brand affinity.

Giulliana Rancic and her son

SmarTrike, a company that manufactures ride-on-vehicles for children, wanted to promote their new range of custom tricycles to young mothers. They used three social influencers, one being TV personality Giuliana Rancic.

Combined, the three influencers generated over 76,000 likes, 486 comments, and 381 shares. Overall, SmarTrike reached more than 12 million people.

Drive Conversion

Don’t underestimate these social superstars’ ability to drive conversion. By offering an incentive like promo codes, it gives consumers a reason to visit your website and take action. If you are working with several  influencers, you can easily keep track of conversion, sales, and ROI by using unique discount codes or URLs for each influencer.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.05.40 AM

Amy Karlin, a micro influencer in Ottawa, Ontario, offers personalized discount codes to local brands in her bio.

Build Trust

Social influencers have built a strong, loyal and trusting fan base. Ideally, consumers won’t feel as though they are being sold something, but rather they are receiving a personal recommendation from a credible, trustworthy source.

Increase Word-of-Mouth

Social influencers are the new extension of word-of-mouth – some consider it to be the most valuable form of marketing. A study found that 92% of consumers say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations, from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.

In a Nutshell

From improving search engine ranking and increasing awareness to driving conversion and building trust, why not invest in an influencer?

Let Acart Communications help you find a social influencer that can work wonders for your brand.

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