Brain on Board: A new kind of road safety campaign

Traffic Injury Research Foundation, Toyota Foundation and Acart Communications partnered to launch a safer driving initiative that teaches Canadians how to use their vehicles’ advanced safety features more effectively.

Branded “Brain on Board,” the campaign is a reaction to research that shows some safety features are leading to overconfident — rather than safer — driving.

brain on board ad - driving takes more mental effort than you think

To get attention and engage audiences with out-of-home posters, we created visual puzzles that are a mix of rebus images and words. The objective is to draw the viewer’s curiosity, then engage them in using their own brains to decipher the headline. This is a mnemonic reminder that some things (like driving) need to be approached more thoughtfully.

brain on board ad - your car's safety features will not work if you do not

The campaign site,, has more information, statistics, and safer driving advice. The campaign is also social on Twitter and Facebook.


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