Becoming a Soldier 101

Reading sucks, I know.

Even as a writer, I prefer when information is packaged in a nice, clean, memorable video. So does the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

So earlier in the year, when Acart was tasked with communicating the process of becoming a member of the Canadian military, it was a great opportunity for us to put our video storytelling skills to the test.

The recruitment process can take anywhere from 6-18 months, but most people don’t realize exactly what it involves. Every year, about 60,000 people apply to the CAF, but less than 12,000 are accepted into the Basic Military Qualification Course. The video needed to be enlightening and informative, detailing all the experiences and tests that come before the guns, high-tech gadgets and uniforms. But we still wanted it to look great.

This gave us the chance to introduce a completely new visual palette than the CAF have used in the past. To accomplish this, we worked with Sound Venture Productions and shot over a period of three days in Kingston. The final product is not just engaging and visually striking, but a lot more fun than just reading a website. Agreed?

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