Another transit marketing win for YRT & Acart


For the second year in a row, York Region Transit has won an important national industry award for an advertising campaign created by Acart.

The continuation of our YRT brand campaign, “We Get Where You’re Going” was chosen by the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) for the 2012 CUTA National Transit Corporate Leadership Award in the Marketing and Communications category.

We’re thrilled to once again show transit systems across Canada the value of investing in strong ideas and creative executions to get results.

Following the launch of the branding campaign and launch of the new YRT web site, traffic to increased when compared to the same period in 2010 and previous years. In 2011 unique visitors to increased by 829,089 — that’s a 25 per cent increase.

As well, YRT ridership rose significantly in 2011, serving 19.8 million riders (up 1.9 per cent from 2010). Despite a transit strike in the final two months of the year, those were the best ridership numbers YRT has ever had.

Of course, a branding campaign cannot take the credit for YRT’s successful management of a large system in the GTA. But we’re proud to be part of the team.

Last year, YRT’s successful advertising campaign against fare evasion won CUTA‘s Corporate Innovation award.


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