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Two years ago, we were tasked with branding and promoting a new program for Health Canada about environmental health hazards in the home. We named it “HazardCheck” and produced a graphic identity and collateral to promote it.

The really interesting work, however, came when we were challenged with developing a strategy for promoting HazardCheck online. In addition to a targeted “BR” (blogger relations) strategy, we developed sharable content like topical posts, an online quiz and an interactive tour of home hazards.

The final task was to create sharable video content — on an extremely tight budget. So we developed a series of four educational videos entirely in-house, from concept to writing, illustration and animation. Using the then-just-starting-to-be-trendy infographic format, we provided households with user-friendly tools to learn about making their homes more healthy. And because the videos had to work equally in English and French, the “graphic” portion of the video had to be almost devoid of copy. (And what there was had to be as universal as possible.)

The four videos remain in circulation on YouTube:

I recently showed the lead video to my 8-year-old son as an example of what I do at work. The next day, he came to me with a concern:

“Dad, I think our house is in danger of having a lot of lead. It’s over 80 years old!”

How’s that for effectiveness?


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