A Flash of Inspiration for Young Canadians

Have you seen our latest skills and training ads for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) on TV yet? They’re part of a big campaign Acart has been working on since last summer to encourage people to improve and update their career prospects through programmes offered as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan:

It was an interesting foray into high-end special effects. Our production partner, La Cavalerie, used a special high-speed “Phantom” camera that was able to capture images at an extremely high frame rate.

For our spot, the Phantom allowed us to get very precise takes of the actors moving through the transition. We had to film each “before” sequence over and over again until we had a single perfect take. Then, once we had committed to the perfect take Dominique Laurence, the Director, and his team had to use motion-matching software and a computerized dolly to make sure the actor’s movements were reproduced for a second “after” take.

Here is the motion-matching in progress, as seen in our monitor:

And here is what it looks like from the crew’s perspective. Note the dolly following the actress as she jogs in her construction gear:

Shooting took two-and-a-half days. We also had to contend with an unexpected blizzard in Montreal. But the shoot was a great success, and after post-production digital effects and music were added, it all came together to create something we’re quite proud of.

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