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tl;dr“? – PLEASE DONATE NOW on our secure group page at the Humanitarian Coalition.


The latest news from the Philippines is grim: thousands dead, millions affected by shortages of food, water, shelter and medicine.

Super Typhoon Haiyan has devastated the Pacific nation, leading to an international mobilization of supplies and relief workers.

Acart Communications employees in Ottawa have launched a fundraising group at Humanitarian Coalition for emergency response. Humanitarian Coalition is a “one-stop-shop” for all Canadians during times of international humanitarian crises. The five member agencies of the Humanitarian Coalition — CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Quebec, Plan Canada and Save The Children — work together to reduce unnecessary competition, inform the public on humanitarian needs, increase the impact of Canadian humanitarian responses and reduce administrative costs. The member agencies of the Humanitarian Coalition are on the ground in the Philippines right now, and responding with emergency assistance in several areas.

Here are some examples of what your money could do:

$20 could purchase one student kit

$25 can buy a 20 litre household water storage container

$50 can supply nine blankets for babies and young children

$80 can provide a medical kit to help address immediate health needs

$150 could purchase three household kits for displaced families

PLEASE DONATE NOW on our secure group page at the Humanitarian Coalition.

The Government of Canada is matching donations until December 9, 2013. Donations by employees of Acart Communications will also be matched by Linda and Al Albania.

Acart Cares

Top photo from Reuters, via Humanitarian Coalition

UPDATE 1 (November 13, 10:00 am): $1155 raised in less than 24 hours! That’s almost 25% of our goal. Thank you, everyone, and keep sharing!

UPDATE 2: (November 14, 7:00 am): $1560 raised as of Day 2! Now almost one-third of the way there! Please help us reach our goal.

UPDATE 3: The Government of Canada has extended the donation matching deadline to December 23! We’re extending our campaign as well.


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