3 Tips to Surviving Your First Week of Interning

My first week of interning at Acart Communications is over. Phew. I think the butterflies in my stomach have started to settle and I’m ready to blaze through my second week without looking too goofy. As my first week has passed and gone, I’d like to give my quick two (three, actually) cents about how to survive your first week of interning. Let the interns after me find value in my pain and suffering.

1. Set two alarms. Or three. Four, even.

On Thursday, I read one of Tom’s blogs. It was about his alarm not going off in the morning and nearly being late for a photoshoot. Like magic, the next day after reading it, my alarm decided not to go off. Luckily, internship jitters got me out of bed just in time to make it to work without being late. Don’t put all your trust into one piece of technology. It’ll bite you in the butt, or at least make you skip breakfast. Try setting a regular alarm along with your cell phone.

2. Talk to co-workers about something other than work.

Despite popular belief, you probably have more in common with the new people you’re working with than sharing the same postal code for a few hours. The interests you share may pleasantly surprise you. Take myself and Kerry and our love for fine breads for example, or randomly bursting out into song (Alone by Heart, specifically) in the middle of lunch hour with Gillian. Sharing interests makes things more fun. Besides, nobody can connect with someone who talks only about work, coffee and deadlines.

3. Bring two pairs of shoes.

Remember grade school when you had to bring two pairs of shoes: indoor and outdoor? Start doing that again. Especially if the place you’re interning at has hardwood floors or nice carpets. You’re going to walk from your bus, through the mud, snow and/or brown gift an inconsiderate pet owner left on the side of the road for you to step in. Do you want to be the dork wiping stuff off your shoes at the front door? Bringing a pair of shoes to work will make the day a walk in the park (minus the dog doo doo).

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