#WelcomeRefugees: Encouraging Canadians to donate, sponsor, or volunteer

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#WelcomeRefugees: Encouraging Canadians to donate, sponsor, or volunteer

Millions of Syrians continue to be displaced due to conflict in their home country. As part of our country’s humanitarian efforts and traditions, the Government of Canada has been working with Canadians to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada. Our team partnered with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to develop a digital media campaign that encourages Canadians to get involved in welcoming refugees through donations, sponsorships, or volunteering.

The campaign was delivered via Google and Bing search ads, Facebook, Twitter, and banner ads. Throughout the campaign, we’ve used positive, inviting copy, and authentic images of Syrian families to inspire Canadians to take action. The hashtag #WelcomeRefugees was used as the anchor and to spark online conversations.

Our ads garnered impressive results, especially the banner ads, which achieved click-through-rates (CTRs) that more than double Government of Canada benchmarks. Our Facebook ads generated nearly 16.3 million impressions and achieved an outstanding 4.22% CTR (vs. 3.3% benchmark). The Twitter ads drew approximately 3.2 million impressions and achieved a respectable 1.29% CTR and 1.46% engagement rate (vs. 1% benchmark).

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