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Hydro Ottawa – Understanding Hydro Ottawa: Developing a fully responsive dashboard

Every day, more than 319,500 residential and commercial customers across eastern Ontario use Hydro Ottawa’s services, but how many people fully understand exactly what Hydro Ottawa does – or in general, electricity generation and distribution? We created the Understanding Hydro Ottawa interactive dashboard to deliver this information in a consumable way.

During the planning phase, we developed a strategy to categorize and parcel Hydro Ottawa’s data and content. Through this phase, it was discovered that the most frequent questions about Hydro Ottawa fall under three tiers: how electricity works, why power outages happen, and what makes up a hydro bill. These became the main sections of the dashboard. Using existing resources (e.g. Hydro Ottawa website, backgrounders, and fact sheets) we amalgamated answers and information, then simplified the language and created custom graphics to tell the story. Our team devised a technical approach that would ensure the dashboard was accessible and mobile-friendly; this involved avoiding the use of Flash, PDFs, or other third-party/proprietary software. The final product uses Bootstrap CSS framework, jQuery, and AngularJS for animations.

Understanding Hydro Ottawa is available in English and French, and works on virtually all devices and browsers. Click here to check it out!

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