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York Region Transit/Viva – The New Me Time: Reinforcing a positive transit experience

York Region Transit (YRT/Viva) shares our passion for innovation – strategically and creatively. With The New Me Time campaign, we’re celebrating “found time” bus commuters enjoy compared to drivers who are fully engaged in navigating traffic.

When you choose transit, you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy doing things you may not otherwise have time for, such as listening to music, reading, preparing for work, or taking a nap. We communicated this message with colourful illustrations that depicted some of the different ways riders spend “bus-time”. All tactics included a call-to-action that encouraged YRT/Viva riders to start conversations about transit on social media, using #TheNewMeTime. The campaign was featured in malls, campuses, transit properties, and online via Facebook, banners, and the hashtag.

Circulation of the out-of-home ads reached over 20 million throughout the two flights of the campaign, and from a digital standpoint, also did well. On Twitter, #TheNewMeTime was used more than 50 times (outside of internal promotions via YRT/Viva and Acart). Paid Facebook ads delivered 2.8M impressions over 8 weeks (with more than 370k of those being unique) and 3,200 social actions, including 174 new page likes. Moreover, our banner ads had massive reach, gaining about 8M impressions, more than 3x our goal.

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